About Us

How it all Began…

Hess Bros. Fruit Company is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The company began as a side venture by Edward and Arthur Hess, Lancaster county vegetable farmers; the brothers sold fresh apples from an old tobacco shed on Arthur’s farm to supplement their winter crop of homegrown celery. Eventually their apple distribution outgrew the tobacco shed and they moved their operation down the road – a short distance between the brothers’ two farms.

Currently, Hess Bros. is operated by a second generation – Fred and Jerry Hess, sons of Arthur Hess. Their business has grown into a 45-employee operation that distributes over 20 varieties and 1.5 million bushels of local eastern apples a year. Hess Bros. specializes in the sourcing and wholesale of a large variety of premium apples which are purchased through a network of hand-picked orchards. The apples are then distributed to a wide-range of markets including grocery stores, retail outlets and restaurants.

Incidentally, the farms of both Edward and Arthur are still working farms and owned by the Hess family.

Actively Involved in…Apples!

Hess Bros. is an active participant in many reputable trade organizations devoted to the fruit industry. A few include the U.S. Apple Association (www.usapple.org), U.S. Apple Export Council (www.usaapples.com) and National Apple Month (www.usapple.org/industry/applemonth). These associations and organizations focus their efforts on the marketing and promotion of apples and represent the industry on national issues and matters pertaining to the apple industry, as well as consumer education and nutritional research. 

Why Hess Bros.?

We distribute only the best apples from a sizeable network of local growers, most located in the Mid Atlantic region of the U.S. Our quality control is our differentiator among competitors as Hess Bros. “certifies” each grower we partner with and work closely with them to produce the very best fruit possible. Our large variety of premium apples are offered year round – harvested at just the right time and delivered fresh, ensuring that they are perfect upon purchase and consumption!

Look for Hess Bros. apples in such retailers as Costco™, Weis Markets, Giant® Food Stores, Safeway, Shoppers, ACME, Farm Fresh, ALDI, Whole Foods and Trader Joes.